S0 pulse counter with MODBUS RTU interface TDI340

S0 pulse counter with 4 isolated digital inputs and IP40 protection.


TDI340 is an S0 pulse counter with MODBUS RTU interface. It has 4 isolated digital inputs. The inputs complying with the S0 standard 62053-31. The counter works in polling or edge modes. In the edge mode, it can count on rising, falling, and both edges.

In fact, the device has 4 independent counters. Their information is stored in non-volatile memory. This prevents the loss of information.

In addition to raw information about counted impulses, the device also offers registers for the true (calculated)physical values. This helps to record energy, water, gas, etc. directly.

The device is dedicated for the pulse counter. It also provides simultaneous readings for the state of the digital inputs – OPEN/CLOSE.

Independent delays for Low-To-High and High-To-Low transitions can be applied. The delays are from 0 to 656 seconds in 10mS step. They work if the counter for the corresponding digital input is in polling mode. The delays are very useful for additional digital filtering of the incoming pulses.

The device has a very wide range of supply voltage starting from 5, up to 30 volts. This makes it suitable for various industrial applications.

 Datasheet (PDF)