1-Wire carbon dioxide sensor TSM400-1-CP

TSM400-1-CP is a combined carbon dioxide and barometric pressure sensor with a 1-Wire interface.


Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas with a popular designation CO2. Carbon dioxide is an important part of Earth’s atmosphere.

TSM400-1-CP is a multi parameters sensor that supports the 1-Wire protocol. The sensor measures the concentration of carbon dioxide and atmospheric pressure. Both basic sensor elements, for carbon dioxide and pressure, used in the device are digital. This ensures high measurement accuracy and long-term stability.

The basic sensing element for atmospheric pressure is factory calibrated and it does not require any lifetime recalibration.

Self calibration is available for carbon dioxide measurements. It is done if the sensor is left in fresh (around 400 ppm CO2 concentration ) air.

TSH400-1-CP is housed in a slim plastic enclosure. The bottom part of the enclosure is suitable for installation on standard flush-mounted / cavity wall boxes ø68mm, with installation openings on 61 mm.

High levels of carbon dioxide reduce productivity, increase blood pressure, lead to headaches, and in very high doses can be life-threatening. That’s why controlling carbon dioxide levels is important for offices, workplaces, schools, and other public buildings.