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The high-speed control system

300S, powered by SPEED7 makes this system one of the fastest and most efficient, C based systems worldwide, programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens.

The CPUs with SPEED7 technology convince our customers not only with their outstanding speed. Reaction and signal processing time can be increased if necessary with the ideal SPEEDbus from VIPA.

The unique MemoryManagement (memory expansion concept) from VIPA enables the memory adaption by simple change of the MicroMemoryCard without replacing the CPU. Our worldwide recognized AdvancedKnowHow-Protect is available to protect your know how. The attractive range of integrated communication interfaces like Ethernet ensures you comfort and flexibility.

Especially advantageous: The operation of our 300S CPUs is possible without an additional memory card. If required the integrated work memory can be expanded individually up to 8MByte with the VIPA MCC  MemoryConfigurationCard  depending on the CPU type. The 300S-CPU grows with your programming. All 300S CPUs are standardly equipped with Ethernet for PG/OP communication.

Our 300S COMPACT CPUs with integrated SPEED7 technology and I/O periphery are especially suitable for cost sensitive applications. Our 300S is suitable for nearly every demanding applications with its high-speed performance, the scalable memory and the outstanding communication possibilities.

Features VIPA 300S

High speed for every use
  • Integrated SPEED7 processor for outstanding performance
  • Optional SPEED-Bus for the expansion with High-Speed signal modules and communication processors
Clever memory management & data security
  • Integrated work memory  operation without additional memory card!
  • Flexible extension of the memory using a Memory Configuration Card (MCC)
  • Integrated battery backed RAM memory
  • The secure AdvancedKnowHow-Protect is available for the know how
Comprehensive communication capability and modern protocols
  • Ethernet-, PROFIBUS-DP-, serial RS485 and MPI interface on board
  • Optional: Profinet, CANopen, Interbus, Seriel, Modbus RTU, Modbus on TCP, UDP, RFC1006, EtherCAT
High flexibility in use & application
  • Designed compatibility of the S7 300 from Siemens
  • Mixed operation is supported for VIPA and Siemens modules in the same rack
  • Centrally and decentrally deployable
  • Modularly expandable
  • Fast analog modules: Conversion of 4 analog channels in 100 s
  • Flexible digital modules: Reaction time of the channels freely adjustable between 2.65 s up to 40 ms
Long-term investment security
  • Centrally deployable up to 32 modules  directly on the CPU!
  • Individually expandable reserve in performance and capacity
  • Certifications: cULus andCE