Modbus RTU to TCP gateway


Ethernet ModbusTCP to Modbus RTU Master gateway.

The popular Modbus protocol is commonly used on serial devices. The Modbus protocol requires very exact timing and quick resposes, which make it difficult to use protocols such as Modbus on a normal Serial Server.
To be able to control Modbus devices over Ethernet, an Ethernet version of Modbus, Modbus/TCP has been devloped by the the Modbus organisation. Modbus/TCP encapsulates the Modbus protocol within an IP frame of TCP/IP. Basically the Anybus X-gateway TCP-RTU Gateway handles the encapsulation between Modbus/TCP and Modbus-RTU. The Anybus-X TCP-RTU Gateway supports RS-232 & RS485 through a 9-pole DSUB connector. It supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet through a standard Ethernet connector (RJ-45).


Ethernet settings of the Anybus X-gateway is very easy to handle with the software “IPconfig Tool”. This detects any HMS Ethernet devices on a Local area network. After installing the software on a PC, press Scan and the software will detect all Ethernet devices on your network that is using Ethernet technology from HMS. Click on the Device you would like to set IP adddress on and press Set. Anybus X-gateway will reset and after a few seconds apper on your network with the new IP address.

Web based management of Anybus X-gateway TCP-RTU:
After assigning an IP number to Anybus X-gateway, further configuration can be done easily via the built in web server. Just start an Internet browser, such as MS Internet Explorer and type in the IP number of the Anybus X-gateway. A self-instructive menu system will appear for device settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting.



Datasheet (PDF)