IP Desktop station with video display & handset

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Datasheet (PDF)

Designed to deliver CCoIP – Critical Communication over IP
3.5´ LCD Screen (embedded video, no need for CCTV matrix)
Large high contrast display with backlight for excellent readability
Four dynamic navigation keys for quick access to system menus and directory entries
Call queue according to priority and time of call, 256 priority levels
Ten DAKs provide single-touch access to stations, group calls, audio monitoring, public address zones, radio channels, and telephone lines
Comes with handset for private conversations
Superb audio quality high bandwidth codec, active noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation, and high output power amplifier
Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring


This IP Desk Master station with video LCD is an intercom unit designed to be used in a control room or where a desktop station with video screen is the most suitable solution. The station comes with a 3.5´ LCD screen that adds an image to the voice. Combined with the IP video and audio intercom wall station it makes an ideal solution for security communication. The IP video and audio unit is equipped with IP cameras for use in public areas and to assist the disabled.

It features a large high-contrast display with backlight which allows critical information about connections to be shown clearly. The handset allows the user to switch from private conversation to open discussion in handsfree mode. Ten Direct Access Keys (DAK) provide single-touch access to stations, group calls, audio monitoring, public address zones, radio channels and/or the opening of doors and gates.

The station connects directly to the IP network, making it easy to deploy anywhere at any distance. The built-in web server allows monitoring, configuration and software updates over the IP network, hence maintaining a remotely located station is almost effortless. Designed for CCoIP, the station offers a set of critical communication features such as group call, call priority, and speaker volume override. This enables the delivery of instant, efficient, and secure voice and data services in an IP environment.