Humidity and temperature sensor TSM400-4-TH

TSM400-4-TH is a humidity and temperature sensor with a MODBUS RTU interface.


TSM400-4-TH is a digital humidity and temperature sensor that supports MODBUS RTU protocol over the RS-485 interface. Its construction is suitable for wall mounting, making it a preferred choice for monitoring of server rooms, data centers, offices, stores etc.

The digital temperature and humidity sensor integrates basic elements as well as signals processing and provides a fully calibrated digital output. This results in superior measurement quality.

The sensing elements are factory calibrated and do not require any lifetime recalibration.

TSM400-4-TH supports widely used in Building Management Systems (BMS) and Industrial Automation Systems (IAS) Modbus RTU protocol. Each sensor has a unique serial code, which allows multi-sensors support over the same RS-485 bus.

The humidity and temperature sensor TSH400-4-TH is housed in a slim plastic enclosure. The bottom part of the enclosure is suitable for installation on standard flush-mounted/cavity wall boxes with a maximum installation opening of 61 mm.