HMI Software


HMI: HMI software

The touch panel software and tools extend the capabilities of both the operating system as well as the visualization of Movicon and thus also the application possibilities of the touch panel.

Operating System

The VIPA Touch Panels are supplied together with the operating system Windows embedded CE 6.0. These worldwide-distributed operating systems guarantee a high degree of availability, flexibility and expandability.


The runtime version of Movicon provides VBA support, include a graphic interface, an extensive symbol and driver library as well as an automatic reconnect and data synchronization. In addition, various function libraries are available, such as the integration of intelligent peripherals and communication modules.

The use of the preinstalled runtime version of Movicon facilitate the immediate release of visualization projects.


Movicon is a HMI/SCADA platforms with an open and flexible architecture for industrial automation, which allows the user vertical applications for visualization, data acquisition, logging as well as maintenance quickly and easily. Movicon with its graphically-intuitive interface and many integrated tools is easy to use for the operator.


  • Java™ support
  • Upgrade option to newer runtime versions
  • Expansion of the existing run-time functionality
  • Web server support
  • Enlargement of the trend and archive server function